Sedum belongs to the family of the Crassulaceae .
Sedum is also a ‘succulent’. These special plants can resist extreme drought. During the season they collect water in their leafs, stem or roots. Succelents love the sun and are highly suitable for rock gardens, roof-gardens, ...
There are a lot of different sorts of sedum with a lot of variation. There are varieties with an upgoing growth ; varieties that can be used on the ground or even tree-like varieties, ...
Sedum is an easy-to-maintain plant ... it doesn’t have to be split like most other plants. It can also be easily multiplied too. Within our assortment you can chose between an enormous variety of colors : grey, yellow, green, yellow green, yellow grey, red and purple. Sedum has also a lot to offer out of the season.

Sedum reflexum Gold, bronze color in winter.

Sedum album Coral Carpet during glazed frost.

Sedum sieboldii is grey green in spring and red grey in autumn.

Sedum pachyclados doesn’t grow rank. This plant is very suitable for a mixed border

Sedum spath. Purpureum becomes red purple in winter.
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You’ll have to plant all the sedum varieties in a full sun. After three years, some plants will asked to be split (with exception of sedum album ‘Coral Carpet’).