You can find Euonymus or “common Spindle Tree” in the wild on many places. The starling, the thrush and the robin are responsible.
“Spindle Trees” come from a great part of Europe, China, Japan and East- Asia. The shiny red or orange fruit has the form of a “cardinals hat”. The dutch name ‘kardinaalshoed’ explains it even better.
Euonymus can be divided into two different groups. A group that loses their leafs and another one that keeps them.
We will only describe the group that maintains their leafs

  • Euonymus japonicus:

These shrubs have a rather upgoing growth and are more or less hardy. The big green oval leafs (about 3 to 5 cm) are a bit glossy at the top. This japanese shrub can be used alone or as a hedge. You can also use it perfectly as an accent in a plantation with other shrubs or as a ‘visual climax’ in a colorful ‘border’. The shrub can grow up the face of a wall. It can also be cut in form like a hedge. The green, star- shaped flowers that appear at the beginning of the summer, are not very striking. The capsules contain orange seeds.
We can offer you the following varieties:




          MICRO GOLD


         MICRO GREEN

         LUNA GOLD




         SILVER KING

  • Euonymus fortunei:

Euonymus fortunei can be used on the ground (lying down, crawling) or on the wall.  On the ground, this little shrub has absolutely no limits at all!  Most of the varieties are very hardy.  This Fortunei prefers sun, half-shadow, or shadow.  The more shadow, the greener the leafs.  Euonymus fortunei comes from Japan and Korea.  The stem grows on top of the ground and makes roots at the level of the knots.  From the beginning of the summer, this shrub carries little, green-white flowers.  The leaf measures 2 to 6 cm (lenght) and 1 to 4 cm (width).

We can offer you the following varieties:

   Emerald Gaety:
Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gaety is hardy and has an upgoing growth.  The round leaf is dark green with a silver white border.  In winter, this shrub gets a pink glow. Emerald Gaety can grow on the ground as well as up the face of a wall.

         Emerald’n Gold:
Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gold is a very hardy shrub of which the leafs, in winter, get a pink glow.  During the season, the round leafs obtain a yellow gold border, wich spots out to the middle.  Planting distance: 40-50 cm.

Other varieties:
Euonymus fortunei Gold Queen has a small, tall leaf with a yellow gold border.  The shrub can grow up to 1.5m (both height and width).  In winter, the leafs obtain a purple red gloss.
Euonymus fortunei Silver Queen has a more upgoing growth.  It’s a great climber (to cover up a wall).  The leafs are green, with a lot of white around the borders.